KNXperience trade show: the latest technology for your home automation system

KNXperience trade show: the latest technology for your home automation system

This year, from 28th to 30th September, Freedompro will participate in the KNXperience event. This is a digital trade show in a dynamic 3D environment. It will be held in English and German, and will be open to all those interested in innovative solutions for smart home and building automation.

As you probably know, our product Easykon for KNX uses the KNX building automation standard: it is a communication protocol that allows building home automation systems by combining devices from different manufacturers.

The KNX protocol meets the demand for versatility in the management of home automation components and the need to use energy efficiently. KNX offers state-of-the-art technology characterised by flexibility and customisation possibilities, as well as security and ease of installation.

Thanks to KNX, all parts of the home automation system can communicate with each other using a common language; this is why Freedompro has created Easykon for KNX, which allows all components to communicate not only with each other but also with Apple, Google and Amazon Alexa assistants.

With this in mind, Freedompro has chosen to join the KNX Association and KNX Italia, with a view to collaborating with other professionals in the Konnex world and becoming an integral part of a large community of system integrators, companies, training centres, and more.

Being part of such an association allows us to support the use of the KNX communication standard on a national and international level, promoting its application within smart homes and smart infrastructures.

You will be able to participate in the event by accessing it via any type of device, and from anywhere in the world. The event will run for 3 days through a series of online conferences, high-level speakers and digital exhibition stands.

Click here to register for the event - it's free!

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