What is the perfect home automation system? What is the difference between home automation and smart home? Simone and Daniele from Freedompro reply to these and many other questions with Andrea Galeazzi.

For us, the perfect home automation system is 50% wired with a bus that connects all the devices in the system and transmits not only power but also information. This type of system must be installed and then configured by a professional. The other 50% are the Apple, Google and Amazon Alexa control platforms. These are smart, easy-to-use systems with many useful functions that can be activated either by smartphone or voice.

The Easykon family products bring these two halfs of the system together. They are bridge modules that connect home automation systems made with KNX standard devices or BTicino MyHome SCS systems with the smart platforms of Apple, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

Watch the video for more answers on home automation and smart home.