What is a connected relay

What is a WiFi connected relay: how to control a device remotely

A relay is an electrical component that allows to control an electrical circuit through an external electrical signal. It is made up of a contact that shifts when actuated, opening or closing the connected circuit. In this way, relays make it possible to turn an electrical device on or off, functioning as electrical switches that can be controlled by a signal that can be electrical or digital.

What is a WiFi connected relay

And what is a WiFi-connected relay? As the name implies, a connected relay is a particular type of relay that can be controlled through a connection, in this case WiFi.

It goes without saying that WiFi relays allow you to control the status of a considerable number of electrical devices, thus controlling them both on and off. 

WiFi connected relay: remote control and voice commands

A WiFi-connected relay connects to your home or office WiFi network, and can be controlled remotely using any smart home control mobile app. In addition, connected relays can also be managed through the use of a smart speaker or voice assistant such as Siri from Apple, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

This way, you can control home electrical devices even and especially when you are away from home, simply by using your Internet connection.

Smart automations and scenarios with WiFi connected relays

In addition, WiFi-connected relays can be used to create and set up many automations, i.e., scheduled actions to automatically turn on and off one or more devices at the same time, making home accessory control even easier and more efficient.

Other benefits: control and easy installation

However, these are not the only advantages of a WiFi-connected relay. First of all, WiFi-connected relays offer users unmatched control over the energy management of their home electrical devices, allowing them to turn appliances on and off as needed.

Last but not least, another great plus point for WiFi-connected relays is their ease of installation. There is no need to have advanced knowledge in electronics to install and setup these devices; it is a simple and very fast job.

Freedompro WiFi connected relays: turn your home smart

Freedompro WiFi relays have revolutionized the smart home industry and the electronic devices needed to make it happen. Designed to transform a traditional electrical system into a true smart home, Freedompro smart switches install in minutes inside junction boxes, making the system smart without upsetting it or even changing it.

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Freedompro modules are the perfect solution to make your home smarter and easier to manage! Currently, the collection includes two devices: the Light module and the Shutter module, but in the coming months the range will be greatly expanded.

Light Module and Shutter Module: connected relays to do the smart home

Light Module is the smart switch you've been looking for to control your lights. Featuring 4 channels, you can connect and make smart up to 4 lights at the same time and control them with voice commands or remotely. In fact, the Light Module is also compatible and certified by all the top platforms for remote control of the smart home. In addition, it is compatible with all existing elements in the home.

Shutter Module, on the other hand, is the ultimate solution for controlling "roll-up" accessories such as electric blinds or shutters. Again, this is a 4-channel device, but it allows you to manage up to 2 accessories at the same time, using one channel up and one channel down for each accessory.

Compatibility and Certifications

Just like the Freedompro Light Module WiFi smart switch, the Shutter module is also compatible and certified by all popular smart platforms, i.e. Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT, and Home Assistant.

Don't miss the opportunity to improve your home with Freedompro modules, the perfect solution to make your life smarter and more convenient!

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