How to make your home smart: 4 things about Freedompro Smart Ecosystem

make a traditional home system smart with Freedompro

Have you ever thought you could make your whole house into a real smart home without having to spend a fortune? We've taken care of that: Freedompro Smart Ecosystem.

With the new Freedompro Smart Ecosystem, finally, the smart home you've always dreamed of becomes true. Each of the four relays in the entire range makes up to 4 devices smart at the same time without forcing you to buy unnecessary gadgets or add-ons to operate them.

You can now avoid wasting power thanks to the Light Module. By setting up an automation based on an occupancy sensor, lights will automatically turn off after a period of inactivity in the room. 

Set your blinds or awnings to the desired height thanks to the auto-calibration feature the Shutter Module has. 

Did you know that status LEDs consume power even when devices are off? With the Outlet Module module this will no longer be a problem, you can set up different automations that will help you reduce consumption and save energy. 

The Switch Module module is the most versatile in the entire range. Make your home gate or irrigation system smart by setting up automations that can help you reduce water and power waste.

What are you waiting for? Stay focused on the Freedompro Smart Ecosystem here!

Press the “notify me” button, you will be notified when the Smart Modules are available, and you can buy them at an even more affordable price...

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how to make a traditional home system smart
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