Control lights remotely without switches

Remote control your switches

Did you know that you can turn lights and all other devices in your home on or off even without using buttons and switches?

Smart devices to control lights and shutters with apps and voice

That's right. Freedompro offers the perfect solution not only to make your home lighting system smart, but also to remotely control and manage all your lights, motorized shutters or blinds, or any other device connected to a generic switch using only your voice and smartphone apps.

After installing the Freedompro smart device in the junction box or electrical panel (soon there will be news about new in-wall smart modules), simply connect the wires to power the module and reconnect the power to the electrical system.

No need to connect inputs to control devices

You will not necessarily have to connect the inputs wires to the type of switch with which you want to control the device connected to the module.

Freedompro smart switches are developed to make the traditional electrical system smart and remotely control lights, blinds, and more from the app or by voice, without using physical switches or buttons.

For more technical information, read the article on our Help Center: How to control lights connected to Light Module without switches

What are you waiting for? Visit our website and discover Freedompro smart devices now, available on Amazon with Prime delivery in Italy!

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