Standard Konnex

How to make KNX home automation systems smart

What is the KNX standard?

Konnex is the first globally recognized open standard for building automation and home automation. It can be used for different applications and functions in home and building control, such as lighting, consumption monitoring, security systems, heating and many other functions.

Konnex protocol features

The main feature of Konnex is that, since it is a standard, it is not associated with any particular company, but many brands create products that use this communication protocol. One of the strengths is that any product that has the KNX logo, in order to be recognized by KNX, has passed a whole series of tests by KNX experts in order to be certified. All devices with the KNX logo are 100% compatible with each other. This allows you to buy products from different manufacturers according to your needs. This is thanks to the KNX protocol developed by the KNX Association.

The KNX Association is the reference point for, professionals and non-professionals, interested in the KNX protocol. On one hand the KNX Association makes sure that as many people as possible get to know the Konnex protocol, on the other hand it organizes online and offline training courses and events to spread the KNX knowledge in a simple and professional way.

Konnex devices

All KNX devices can be divided into 4 macro categories:

System devices: Basic KNX devices required to operate the system;

Input devices: electronic interfaces that can be connected to control devices to implement system functions;

Output devices: devices that receive signals from input devices using the bus;

Functional devices: devices that the installer chooses to perform specific functions.

How to manage KNX home automation systems with smartphones and voice control

KNX home automation systems were created before the introduction of smart home applications and the world of voice assistance. Until a few years ago, the most practical way to control your KNX system was through a touch-screen programmed specifically for this function or through an app created specifically for your system. Now, thanks to the products made by Freedompro, it is possible to transform all KNX home automation systems into smart ones. Thanks toEasykon for KNXandEasykon Lite for KNX,the reliable and stable KNX home automation system takes a quantum leap and becomes immediately compatible with the best smart home platforms. With just one device, the full home KNX system can be controlled via smartphone and voice command.

With Easykon all KNX devices can be integrated with IoT devices without compromising or changing the existing configuration and functions of the Konnex home automation system. In particular, Easykon for KNX allows you to manage your Konnex home automation system, even remotely, with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT apps or through the Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa voice assistant.

Freedompro has also created a Lite version of the product,Easykon Lite for KNX,which is a software for Raspberry Pi that allows you to add apps and voice to your Konnex system. Before purchasing the license for 69 euros, you cantry the software free of charge for 7 days.The software is reliable, easy to use and updated constantly. Compared to the hardware version, the maximum number of configurable accessories is 30 and it is not compatible with Apple HomeKit.