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Home is where people feel safe and where daily habits take place. Freedompro offers a complete smart home automation experience to make home habits really automatic and smart. Change the way you live your shelter, your well-living comes first.

Freedompro Smart Ecosystem

There is a new smart family in the connected home world. Freedompro Ecosystem makes your habits really automatic.
Change the way you see things: stop living in your home and start living your home!

App Freedompro

Freedompro gives you a magical smart home control experience to better live your connected house using a safe, innovative and easy-to-use app.

Smart home in 3, 2, 1...

Designed to transform your home and make it smart, Freedompro Smart Ecosystem modules are connected relays that can control every accessory in any traditional electrical system. It's the first professional line of Wi-Fi smart relays, install it without electrical or masonry work! There is no need to change components; it is compatible with switches, buttons, light bulbs, civil series, and any item you already have at home.

Light Module 4C 5 A
Light Module 4C 5 A
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Smart Pro Line
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A product that changes your life. No more pressing buttons to raise/lower shutters

Diego | Freedompro customer

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