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Easykon for KNX + Power Supply (12 V) | BUS 2-DIN rail device, Ethernet connected bridge to smart control KNX home automation system, includes power supply.

Easykon for KNX + Power Supply (12 V) | BUS 2-DIN rail device, Ethernet connected bridge to smart control KNX home automation system, includes power supply.

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Easykon for KNX is a professional smart bridge with RJ45 Ethernet connection to control KNX BUS home automation. 2-DIN rail bridge module that makes KNX home automation system smart with remote control, voice commands, and automations. Advanced professional quality and fully compatible with all smart platforms. Includes power supply.

Works with the best apps.

The biggest problem with traditional home automation is the inability to communicate and work with modern devices, preventing advanced users from enjoying the real power of their system. Easykon is the only device that ensures users can use all essential functions such as voice commands, remote control, and automations.

Give a voice to your home.

Easykon evolves KNX home automation systems by integrating voice control. It provides users with seamless voice command with all voice assistants or smart speakers on the market, such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Finally get smart control for advanced users.

Even better than remote control.

Control your KNX or BTicino MyHome home automation system by running events even without internet connection. Enjoy remote control using the greatest smart home management mobile apps. Enhanced home security and protection with seamless integration to live an immersive experience even when you are away from home.

Automate daily Habits.

Comfort and innovation to enable users to automate their daily routines with a few simple touches. Each smart ecosystem has its own features, get the best out of each one and gain time while your home automation system handles boring tasks for you.

Monitor your home wherever you are.

Take advantage of really smart and useful features such as geofencing. Set a virtual boundary or perimeter to create even more powerful location-based automations. For example, with geofencing you can have a device turn on when you are close to home or turn off when you move away.

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Works with:

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Power supply

- 12/24 V AC/DC 0.1 A
- Power supply is not included
- Don't use the BUS as power supply


- RJ45 Ethernet cable
- KNX on board, twisted pair cable (red and black)


You can connect up to 149 accessories to Easykon

Integrated KNX IP Gateway

With the integrated IP gateway on Easykon for KNX, you can:
have up to 10 simultaneous connections
monitor the bus, keeping under control all the activities taking place during the installation
monitor the groups, to have a complete view of what is happening on the groups
program the entire KNX home automation system without the need for additional dedicated gateways

Data sheet

Info and installation guides

Do you want to try Easykon for KNX before buying it?

Free Trial

You can install the software version on a Raspberry Pi and try it for free for 7 days and then decide to purchase the license (with limited features) or the hardware.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Excellent product and great preparation of Mr.Rescigno

I was a little skeptical about switching from my previous thiniknx server, with which I had always had problems anyway. I am able to untangle these things, but I am not a professional and I must say that when I started to program the module I did not believe in the extreme ease and efficiency, in a few minutes I had configured everything. Number 1, and I applaud the precise support service in the person of Mr.Rescigno who with great preparation is able to carefully provide every detail.


In addition to being a HomeKit-certified accessory and making available an efficient cloud service for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrations, a dedicated Home Assistant integration is also available. Very good. But for those like me who feel disappointment from the limitations imposed by Apple, Google and Amazon (e.g., in HVAC management of thermostats) and want the ultimate in privacy as well, the device turns out to be a valuable ally, since it allows for other "paths" as well. Such as KNX tunneling; ergo, it is possible to incorporate all system components into Home Assistant directly from KNX bus with unparalleled responsiveness and stability; and, with ETS software, to reprogram it partially or totally. And here it becomes possible to adjust blinds even with Ikea's Zigbee remotes, turn on smart outlets via KNX physical commands... and many other things impossible with standard integrations. All without missing a beat. There are other devices like this on the market; some even offer other features. I had the patience to try them all; this one is the fastest and most responsive. One criticism? The addition of POE support would have been the final icing.

Emanuele Mercorelli
Top experience

The interface is very simple to configure, reliable, and does not miss a beat, very useful for integrating a KNX system to voice assistants. Congratulations also to the after-sales technical service.

Luca B.
Positive evaluation EasyKon - Freedompro

Very satisfied with the potential of the product and its stability. I highly recommend it to everyone. If necessary direct contact write to [****]


For years I have had a KNX system, and voice control integration was promised many times, but finally Freedompro made it true. The best thing is that I didn't even need assistant from electricians or KNX experts. The customer service is excellent, they answer after just one ring, also the call got interrupted and they called me back right away, I couldn't believe it! I hadn't found an after sale service like that in years! Really wonderful.I forgot: you really can open your windows with Alexa and close them with Siri. Fantastic!

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