Alessio Vannuzzi talks about his experience with Easykon for KNX

Alessio Vannuzzi talks about his experience with Easykon for KNX

Activities and expertise

My name is Alessio Vannuzzi, I am an electronic engineer and in 2009 I founded the Ohmega Progettazioni studio. I am also a programmer and system integrator, coordinator of KNX Professionals Italy, a group of smart home professionals within KNX Italy and I am also a KNX Tutor and CEI member of CT-205 BUS Systems.

Type of systems installed and business approach

We mainly realize KNX installations, often residential. Our mission, as a studio, is to create practical and useful integrated systems for everyone, from flats to villas, because home automation can improve the way we live in any home. We have been working in this field for 12 years and what makes us different is our ability to create tailor-made solutions for our customers, based on their needs and meeting their expectations. We are very familiar with KNX and different products using this standard, which is why we always try to support the customer in the planning as well as in the implementation phase.

Easykon for KNX

KNX is a very reliable standard and allows us to create systems that are always different, but, until recently, it could only be connected to Google and Alexa using "home-made" methods that do not offer the same level of stability and security as professional methods. Easykon for KNX has filled this gap and it is also the only Italian product that allows KNX systems to be connected to Apple HomeKit and Siri. Using Easykon for KNX has allowed us, on one hand to satisfy a number of customers who were already asking us to manage their homes with voice commands, and on the other hand, it has become an interesting commercial tool that gives greater appeal to the installations we make.

A Project where you used Easykon for KNX

We wanted to test the functionality of Easykon in our office. Since it is an environment where both my colleagues and I live, we each have our own smart home platform and favourite voice assistant. Thanks to Easykon for KNX, not only we were able to control all the devices in the office more easily, but each of us chose our preferred platform and everything works perfectly. Even if there are several of us and we are using Google, Siri and Alexa at the same time, Easykon makes sure that the office replies to commands correctly.

Alessio Vannuzzi, a KNX installation specialist who has been involved in home automation for many years and has a huge experience in this field, owner of Ohmega Progettazioni smart and energy solutions.

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