Hey Google, I wanna see the sunset: connect your KNX home to Google

Hey Google, I wanna see the sunset: connect your KNX home to Google

Connecting your KNX system to the Google Assistant smart platform is not only possible, but thanks to voice control it will make your daily life much easier. 

Why cover the walls of your KNX home with lots of switches when you can simply ask your Google Assistant to raise the shutters of your gorgeous seaside patio with a simple voice command?

Through Google Assistant's smart platform and intelligent voice assistant, you can fully manage any smart environment in your KNX home with a very simple voice command or by making a couple of taps on the mobile app. 

Easykon connects your KNX home to Google

Well, now that you know how much time you can gain by using just and exclusively your voice or quick commands on your phone, you need to figure out how you can do it. Freedompro's mission is precisely to achieve what was pure utopia just a few years ago. 

Freedompro has launched a family of products that can make your KNX home automation home really smart. One of these products is Easykon for KNX, a DIN rail bridge that can guarantee modern supervision of your smart home through a few taps on the display of your cell phone or simply by talking to your Google virtual assistant thanks to voice control.

Rigorously tested and certified by the world's largest smart platforms such as Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Easykon for KNX goes far beyond voice or remote control via the app.  In fact, it's not just about asking your virtual assistant to turn the light in your bathroom on or off. But through an automation that you can set up in a few simple steps, the device will turn off the lights in your home before you leave.

Google Assistant is the voice assistant branded Google that aims to facilitate and simplify KNX users' lives in all the actions they perform during the day. With Easykon for KNX, simply connect your KNX system to Google Assistant and in a few steps you will have your KNX home under control through the "Google Home" app on your device or through voice control with the voice assistant.

Add Google voice control to your KNX system

Among the many functionalities of Google Assistant, voice control is one of the best features. In fact, thanks to Easykon for KNX, you can ask your Google virtual assistant to perform actions for you through voice control. You can ask Google to turn off the lights in the other room while you're washing dishes. This way, the virtual assistant will help you save energy.

To conclude, Easykon for KNX allows users to extend the range of features of the KNX home automation home with just a tap on the app or through voice control using Google Assistant. 

Are you still there? Hurry up, discover Easykon for KNX!

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