Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome: instruction for use

Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome: instruction for use

On our YouTube channel, you can now find many short video tutorials on our two hardware products: Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome. These two playlists will guide you step by step in installation, configuration and pairing of the two modules with Apple HomeKit, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT platforms. The videos are subtitled in italian and english.

Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome are the first products of the Easykon family. They are two modules for DIN rail, to be placed in the electrical panel to connect the home automation systems, respectively with KNX or MyHome SCS by BTicino buses to Apple, Google Amazon Alexa and IFTTT worlds. Our products, once installed, configured and paired allow you to control with Home by Apple, Google Home, Alexa and IFTTT applications your plant or manage it with your voice talking to Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa.

Here below you find a list of all the tutorial in the playlists and the links to see the ones that are more interesting for you.

Easykon for KNX: Operating instructions

Easykon for MyHome: Operating instructions

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