Francesco Sabia tells us how his home has become smart with Easykon for MyHome

Francesco Sabia tells us how his home has become smart with Easykon for MyHome

My name is Francesco Sabia, I am a nurse and also a technology enthusiast, I live with my wife. In our house, since we have a MyHome SCS by BTicino system, I installed Easykon for MyHome so now I can control all the domestic devices with my smartphone or my voice.

What is a smart home for Francesco

To me, having a smart home means comfort. I am always ready to test new technological devices and the latest products launched in this field and I am really interested in smart home technology. Unfortunately, in my area building automation is not common, but having a smart home has always been my goal. Now I can say that, once you try the comfort, you will never go back.

Managing the home

I use the smart home Apps and also voice commands to manage the house. I configured Apple, Google and Alexa, so that I have all the three of them and I can test them freely, but I use more the Home application by Apple and the voice assistant Siri. Easykon for MyHome allowed me, finally, to integrate my MyHome SCS by BTicino system with the Apple world. For me and my wife who have iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, now, it is very easy to talk to Siri to manage our domestic devices through voice commands.

Customized scenes

About creating and using scenes, my “Home” App by Apple is always a work in progress and a continue evolution. I also used Home Bridge installed on a Raspberry to integrate together even more systems and functions and thanks to Easykon for MyHome, I have new ideas on how to make more smart my MyHome plant every day. Once I adopted a smart mindset, I discovered a whole new world and I am continuing adding new accessories to my system.

Francesco Sabia

Francesco is a nurse that lives near Potenza (Italy). He is a technology enthusiast and he likes to make his home more and more smart every day.

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