Seby Torrisi, through a video-tutorial, shows us how to install and configure on the Konnex system our Easykon for KNX to connect the plant to Apple, Google and Amazon Alexa applications and voice assistants and to IFTTT platform.

Thanks to Easykon for KNX any system created with standard Konnex devices can be controlled through Apps and voice commands. Also, using Apple, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT functionalities it will become easy, for KNX plants owners to create their customized scenes and automations, integrate their system with other IoT devices and add many practical functions.

Here below, you have a little guide to everything that is contained in the video with the correct timing, this way, if you are interested in a step in particular, you can go to it right away.

In this video you will see:

  • Introduction about KNX standard and Easykon (00:00)
  • Easykon for KNX physical installation in the Konnex plant (02:16)
  • IP address search and access to the web configuration panel (04:06)
  • KNX project import (05:02)
  • Light accessory configuration (05:24)
  • Window-covering accessory configuration (06:23)
  • Apple HomeKit pairing (07:03)
  • Freedompro Cloud pairing (07:57)
  • Google Home and Google Assistant pairing (09:13)
  • Amazon Alexa pairing (10:18)
  • Automation creation in IFTTT (11:33)
  • Final test with live update of all the systems (13:55)