Differences between KNX and MyHome home automation system

Home automation system: how to identify KNX and BTicino MyHome

Looking to install a home automation system or already own one? KNX and BTicino MyHome are definitely two of the most popular options.

Identifying a KNX home automation system

KNX home automation technology is widespread and popular all over the world. But if you are trying to figure out if you already live in a KNX installation, there are a few things you can look for. First, all KNX-branded IoT devices are labeled with the KNX protocol logo. Also, you should be able to see the letters "KNX" printed on the device or packaging.

Another way to identify a KNX installation is to look at the cables. If you have green and white cables in your home automation installation in twisted pairs, it's likely to be a KNX-branded installation. This is because all KNX devices use a standardized communication protocol that allows them to communicate with each other through these cables.

Identifying a BTicino MyHome home automation system

BTicino MyHome is another type of home automation system that is especially common in Europe and mainly in Italy. To identify a BTicino MyHome system, as with KNX, you can look for the BTicino logo or "BTicino MyHome" printed on the devices.

BTicino MyHome devices use a different communication protocol than KNX devices, so you will not see green and white twisted pair wires. In fact, BTicino MyHome devices communicate with each other using a wired BUS system. Therefore, if there are two-wire cables in your home automation system, it is very likely that it is indeed a BTicino MyHome system.

KNX and BTicino MyHome home automation: main differences

KNX and BTicino MyHome home automation systems have some features that differentiate them from each other. One of them is that KNX technology is an open standard, which makes it easier to find compatible devices for your system. Whereas the BTicino MyHome system is a proprietary system produced by a single manufacturer.

Another difference between the two systems is their level of complexity, with KNX systems generally being considered more complex than BTicino's one.

Easykon: making KNX and BTicino MyHome systems smart

What could be better than a top-notch KNX or BTicino MyHome home automation system, though? Making your home automation system really smart, connected and automated with remote control, voice commands and automations!

Freedompro provides the perfect solution to do that: Easykon. Designed to enable communication between home automation systems and smart platforms, Easykon is a bridge-type smart device that connects to your existing home automation system and allows you to control it with your smartphone or voice assistants such as Apple's Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

There are two models: Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome. The first one evolves a KNX BUS-based home automation electrical system; while the second one is designed to turn smart BTicino MyHome SCS systems from 2000 to present.

Easykon makes it easy to manage and control lights, shutters, and many other devices from anywhere in the world. Moreover, taking advantage of the certification and compatibility with Apple Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Home Assistant, you can set up incredible automations and scenarios based on your habits.

What are you waiting for? Only smart home is better than home automation!

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