How Easykon enhances KNX home automation system

How Easykon improves the KNX home automation system

KNX standard is regarded as a reliable and robust home automation system, but its limitations often left homeowners longing for greater flexibility and control. Here comes Easykon for KNX by Freedompro, game-changing smart bridge device that pretty seamlessly integrates voice commands, remote control, automations, and mobile app functionalities into all KNX home automation system.

How does Easykon for KNX enhance the home automation experience? Turning the KNX home automation home into a true smart home with a wide range of compatible IoT devices, apps, and voice assistants.

Easykon for KNX: compatible with all apps

Easykon for KNX smart bridge device is designed to perfectly work with all KNX installations, ensuring a hassle-free integration and setup process. It has undergone a rigorous certification program to guarantee its reliability and compatibility with best smart platform, such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Home Assistant.

Control KNX home automation with voice commands, remote control and automations

Easykon for KNX is compatible and certified by all the best smart platform to manage and control the smart home. It allows you to effortlessly connect your KNX home automation system to best voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Moreover, imagine controlling your lights, shutters, blinds, heating systems, and many other devices with simple voice commands, or adjusting settings whenever and wherever you are through a user-friendly mobile app like the Freedompro app, Apple Home, Google Home or Alexa. You can also complete the pairing with IFTTT and Home Assistant for better set up endless possibilities of automations and scenes.

Easykon for KNX convenience is really unmatched.

Requirements for installing Easykon for KNX

To take advantage of the benefits offered by Easykon for KNX, you’ll need some key components. First of all, you obviously must live in a KNX home automation system. Second, it is essential to acquire a power supply.

Once these requirements are met, Easykon can be easily installed, configured, and connected to your voice assistant and favorite apps.

No other components are needed, Easykon for KNX has a built-in KNX-compatible IP gateway. That's right, you read that right-you don't need any KNX-compatible IP gateway to connect Easykon to the KNX bus.

Easykon for KNX: the best KNX smart device

One of the most interesting things about Easykon for KNX is its exceptional value for money. Compared to alternative solutions on the market, Easykon offers an affordable way to upgrade and enhance your KNX home automation system, with up to 149 accessories. Easykon unlocks the power of voice control, mobile app integration and IoT compatibility without breaking the bank.

What are you waiting for? Easykon for KNX smart device bridge is a smart investment that adds huge value and features to your KNX home automation system.

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