KNX home automation voice control

How to integrate voice control with KNX home automation

Have you ever thought you could integrate voice control with your KNX home automation system to better manage your home devices?

Voice control: home automation evolution

Over the past few years, the home automation industry is growing and growing , making home automation even more popular in homes around the world (and the trend is keep growing). Being able to control home devices from your smartphone totally revolutionized the way you experience your home. But there is something even more comfortable and innovative for controlling your home automation home: voice control .

Integrating voice control with KNX-branded home automation makes the automated home a full-scale premium professional smart home .

KNX home automation: between comfort and voice control

Using voice control means sensationally revolutionizing day-to-day life at home, enhancing user's experience and comfort. With voice control for the KNX home automation system , you can control all your home's accessories with very simple voice commands, without even lifting a finger to turn lights on or off, open and close blinds, or adjust the home temperature.

Easykon for KNX: home automation gets smart

However, integrating voice control within a home automation home is often seen as a long and complicated process. Nevertheless, leveraging the needs and requirements of the market, Freedompro has developed the easiest and most effective solution to meet the customer's request in the shortest possible time. That solution is Easykon for KNX .

Easykon for KNX is a plug&play bridge device that allows you to integrate voice commands into your KNX home automation and control your smart home automation system with voice control by talking to Apple HomeKit Siri , Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant .

Now all you have to do is finally use voice commands to control every connected device in your KNX smart home automation system . For example, you can ask Siri to turn on the light in the bathroom and open the shutters in the bedroom in the morning, or ask Alexa to turn on the heating and set routines.

Voice commands for KNX home automation: Easykon

With Easykon, you can easily control your home through your favorite voice assistant , wherever you are and whenever you want. Easykon for KNX: your smart home automation system, just a voice away.

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