Power consumption monitoring: 4 things you can do with the Freedompro app

Power consumption monitoring: 4 things you can do with the Freedompro app

The Freedompro smart home remote control app has introduced a new “Usage" section that promises to be the real breakthrough of 2023.

As previously explained in our blog, thanks to this new feature, you will finally be able to monitor and track the power consumption of your home accessories in real time.

In this article, however, we will see 4 you can do by taking advantage of the new “Usage" section of the Freedompro app.

4 things you can do due to the “Usage" section of the Freedompro app

Monitoring and tracking the power consumption of home accessories provides many benefits to the user's daily life and electric bills. To this, Freedompro added a fresh and innovative design that makes the user experience even more complete.

Let's see together how the new “Usage” Freedompro app section can offers a wide range of advantages to the user.

Monitor anomalies and malfunctions of accessories

The ability to monitor home power consumption helps you verify the correct functioning of home appliances and, consequently, prevent any anomalies. Tracking energy usage in real time or during a specific period means you are always aware of the energy consumption of each household appliance. For example, if there is a malfunction in high-consumption appliances such as the oven or the fridge, instant monitoring allows you to immediately check the size of the problem so that you can notice the anomaly and work to curb it before you get shocked by the bill.

Spoiler alert: in the future, the Freedompro app will notify when an appliance engages in abnormal energy behavior.

Make a comparison between consumption and bills

Making a comparison between power consumption and costs on your utility bill can be an important and very beneficial step in getting a clear view of your energy outlay. This comparison, not only can help you identify any waste or anomalies, but also, and more importantly, can prompt you to embrace new measures to try to reduce costs on your utility bill. For example, if you notice an increase in energy consumption that is not justified by a change in appliance use, you may need to check the operation of appliances or try to change consumption habits. In addition, regularly comparing consumption and bill costs can help you predict future energy expenses and plan your budget more accurately.

Compare the power consumption of an accessory over different periods

Comparing the power consumption of an appliance or accessory at different periods can be very useful for several reasons.

Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages is to detect any changes in the consumption of that appliance. In fact, by comparing energy usage at different times, it is possible to identify any increases or decreases in consumption and understand their causes.

Another aspect relates to optimizing energy efficiency. Thus, by identifying consumption peaks, it is possible to take the necessary measures to improve energy efficiency. For example, turning off the accessory when it is not in use or choosing energy-saving modes.
As a result, by optimizing energy efficiency, you can reduce energy consumption and thus save on your energy bill.

As anticipated in the previous point, by comparing the energy consumption tracking of an appliance at different times, it is possible to predict future energy costs and plan the budget more accurately. This can be especially important for households on a tight budget or for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Last but certainly not least is the interesting aspect of improving environmental impact. Indeed, by reducing energy consumption, fewer greenhouse gas emissions are produced and less energy from nonrenewable sources is used, consequently limiting environmental impact as well.

How much my home appliances consume: optimizing power costs

Being aware of the energy consumption of your home appliances is important for several reasons. First of all, this awareness is a faithful friend that helps you reduce costs on your utility bill and thus save money. Moreover, as mentioned above, a conscious use of electricity greatly helps to reduce the environmental impact.
Another super interesting aspect: efficient use of electricity can significantly increase the lifetime of household appliances and improve their performance.
Finally, by having a clear idea of how much electricity your appliances consume, you can decide what, how, when, and how much to use them to avoid skyrocketing energy bills.
In summary, being aware of the energy consumption of appliances in your home is important to save money, protect the environment, and ensure that appliances last longer and perform better.

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