How to monitor power consumption to save money on electricity bills

Monitor home power consumption with Freedompro app

Can I check how much power my devices are consuming? Bet we've all wondered at least once.

Well, we can answer, finally the dream of monitoring accessory usage is a fact with Freedompro.

Definitely, knowing how much energy your home accessories consume is really very useful to avoid unpleasant surprises in your bill. There are many advantages of pre-emptively monitoring the energy usage data of a device, but we have already covered that in our article we recommend reading.

But so, how do I track my energy consumption?

Power consumption monitoring: what do I need?

As anticipated in the lines above, we can finally say that Freedompro offers the complete solution to control and track home power consumption.

So, we said that Freedompro can solve the problem of rising utility bills... but before we see how to track home device usage, it is necessary to see what we need to be able to do so.

What do I need to track consumption? Very simple, let's find out together.

Freedompro WiFi smart relay: the solution for monitoring power consumption

The first piece of the complete solution for monitoring home energy consumption is called Freedompro Smart Modules.

Freedompro Modules are the new line of WiFi-connected smart relays that can transform any traditional electrical system into a truly professional and certified smart system.

The very first part of a much more developed ecosystem, Light module and Shutter module are the pioneers of a wide range of wireless switch relays for voice command and remote control of the smart home. As seen in other articles on our site, the relays boast numerous functions and features that make the Freedompro modules the best smart relays for home automation of lights and shutters.
In fact, in addition to certifications with all major smart systems and protocols such as Apple Home, Alexa, Google, IFTTT and Home Assistant, the devices are already ready for certification with the new Matter protocol.

Among the main features of the devices, the one we are most interested in being able to control home energy consumption is the energy metering function.

Both the Light module and the Shutter module, in fact, have a built-in power consumption metering control function. In this way, each channel of each device will know in real time the energy usage of the accessory connected to it.

What are we missing? I'd say the only thing missing is where we can track this data in order to be always aware of household energy consumption in real time.

Freedompro app: control home and energy consumption remotely

Once you have bought the Freedompro modules you just need to complete the last step: downloading the Freedompro smart home control app.

Now that you have the app installed, you have everything you need to monitor and track the electricity consumption of all your home accessories.After you've completed the pairing process and configuration of the Freedompro smart relays, you're ready to manage your entire home remotely, wherever you are.

At this point you may notice that as you turn lights on or off or open and close rolling shutters, each individual accessory will report in real time the amount of electricity it is consuming to perform that action. Whenever an accessory starts working, the usage data will be instantly stored in the brand new “Usage" section of the app.

The “Usage" section is the first big news of 2023 at Freedompro. In fact, with the latest update, our developer team integrated this brand new space that greatly improves the app's own usability and usefulness for users.

Once inside the "Usage" section, we will show you a chart reporting the electrical consumption data of the home accessories connected to the Freedompro modules. In this section, you will be able to fully manage the period you want to view (day, week, month, or year), with the option to compare with the previous relative period. This way you can track the electrical consumption of your accessories, monitor which of them consume the most energy, and check for unexpected anomalies.

Energy usage tracking: a step forward

At a time in history like this, when utility bills are skyrocketing and the planet is suffering even more from our high energy consumption, Freedompro aims to be the new glimmer of light (smart and monitored consumption) for the next generation.

We gave you the tools, now it's up to you to decide whether to lend us a hand in making it even better and saving the planet by helping yourself in terms of convenience and well-living.

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