Scenarios and integrations for every need, with IFTTT

Scenarios and integrations for every need, with IFTTT

Do you dream of making even the simplest and most mundane tasks automatic, saving time and living a more comfortable and peaceful life? With IFTTT you can connect numerous services, applications and create automatic scenarios to facilitate any daily action.

IFTTT stands for If This Then That, is available both as an app and as a web version, and is based on connecting different services and devices - the acronym translates as 'if this happens, then make that happen'. In practice, IFTTT works through a series of 'applets', or linked actions: for example, you can start your robot hoover the moment you leave the house and lock the door. Simple, isn't it?

Each applet is therefore based on a trigger, i.e. the action that triggers it, and an action, i.e. the consequence when the first service or device is activated. IFTTT's library contains a number of pre-existing applets, but you can create your own from scratch, depending on your needs and preferences. IFTTT has over 600 apps, services and brands for creating applets. To activate the applets you want, all you have to do is "switch them on" via the IFTTT platform, logging in with your accounts to the two services involved.

Inside the home automation house, IFTTT gives further value to the technology, and is obviously compatible with BTicino and KNX home automation systems. At this point you can insert one of the devices connected to your Easykon for MyHome or Easykon for KNX as a trigger or action, and create increasingly original automations and scenarios.

But now let's move on to some concrete examples of applets that you can also use:

  1. Switch on the lights when you arrive home, using a presence sensor as a trigger, and switching on the lights as an action
  2. Switch on the coffee machine with a controlled outlet (action) when the alarm clock goes off (trigger)
  3. Turn off all the lights and turn on the burglar alarm to tell Alexa "I'm going on holiday!"
  4. Play a Spotify playlist from your smart speaker when you get in the shower
  5. Turn on the heating or air conditioning when you leave work, using your phone's GPS signal
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