Security and smart platforms: let’s discover more with Andrea Galeazzi

Security and smart platforms: let’s discover more with Andrea Galeazzi

Is your plant safe? What do we mean with security when talking about a smart home? For your needs is better Apple HomeKit, Google or Alexa? Andrea Galeazzi explores these topics together with Massimo Forghieri, home automation system installer, and Stefano Cartisano, Freedompro research and development manager.

We talk about security in the electrical plant together with a professional with many years of experience to understand what you need to pay attention to during the installation and how to maintain your home always safe. In the video we talk also about cyber security to understand how to be aware about what is safe and what can put us in danger.

With Stefano, who worked on Apple, Google and Amazon certifications for the Freedompro products, we see the main features of these smart home platforms. Compatible accessories, possibility to create scenes and automations, using a cloud or not using it, are the principal elements that differentiate these services and that are important to keep in mind when choosing to use one or the other.

With Easykon family products, you don’t have to choose. The hardware modules, Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome are certified by Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa, while the software ones, Easykon Lite for KNX and Easykon Lite for MyHome are compatible just with the last two. Using these products you will be able to use them all, also at the same time. So, if you have a Amazon Echo at home, but you use all Apple devices, there is no problem, you will be able to use both platforms seamlessly and your plant will always be at your command.

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