Smart home and KNX protocol: what are the possible scenarios?

Smart home and KNX protocol: what are the possible scenarios?

The KNX standard is an "open" communication protocol used worldwide for building automation: in a home automation home managed via the Konnex standard, you can connect all devices via a bus (i.e. a communication channel) that connects them to each other. In this way, while "speaking different languages", different devices can interact with each other and as a whole.

With a KNX home automation system you can control a wide range of functions related to lighting, blinds, air conditioning, security and energy saving. You can create a fully customised smart home, according to your needs and wishes, by wiring each device via the KNX bus.

This is cutting-edge technology that is constantly being updated: the KNX connected smart home, combined with voice assistants from Google, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, is the future.

With this in mind, it goes without saying that there are many reasons to choose a smart home with KNX protocol; to control the entire home simply by using the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit platforms, simply install Easykon for KNX, the device created by Freedompro.

With Easykon for KNX you can integrate IoT devices and voice assistants, adapting your home automation home to create new scenarios and add remote control, without compromising your Konnex home automation system in any way.

Here are some scenarios that show why living in a KNX smart home with Easykon is the right choice:

  • You are driving home...

    By talking to your voice assistant, from your mobile phone, smartwatch or via the voice control of your car, you can ask it to open the gate of your house: in this way, you will save waiting time in front of the gate. You can even set an automation to open the gate when your mobile phone (and therefore yourself) is at a certain distance from your home.
    Save the time you use for unnecessary gestures and concentrate on what really matters!

  • An unexpected thunderstorm breaks out...

    You are out of the house, you have left the windows open and a downpour breaks out. By entering the Google, Alexa or HomeKit app, you can lower the blinds remotely and prevent your house from filling up with water!

  • You want to watch a movie, and feel like you’re at the cinema?

    You're already sitting on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn: just ask the voice assistant to set the cinema mode and - through an automation or a scenario created with Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit - you can turn off the lights, or dim them to the level you prefer, set a soft light, close the shutters, and so on.

  • Going on holiday and don't want to worry about intruders?

    Your home automation system combined with Easykon is a synonym of security: you can have access to your alarm even from a distance: if the alarm goes off, you can switch on the lights in the house and in the garden, remotely, through the app on your mobile phone. You are in total control of your home: with smart platforms, you can even make sure the shutters are closed, even if you are not close to home.

  • It's a cold winter day and you've just woken up...

    You can enjoy a hot shower in your pre-heated bathroom: thanks to Easykon for KNX, you can set the desired temperature before your alarm goes off. This way, you will avoid the trauma of getting out of your bed and start your day without stress.

Easykon for KNX allows you to create a series of automations, thanks to which you can control not only the accessories of the KNX home automation system, but also the accessories of other brands purchased separately. All you need is for these accessories to be compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Make your home even smarter and more comfortable!

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