Evolve home automation with Easykon: voice command, remote control, and automations

Did you invest in a home automation system or they sold you an automated home but you are not fully satisfied with its functions? What if I told you that we have the solution to let you use 200% of your KNX or MyHome home automation home?

Is your home automation system not so smart?

KNX or BTicino MyHome BUS-based home automation systems have been around the world for more than 30 and 20 years, respectively. Considering the steady and progressive growth in the number of households interested in the home automation sector, it becomes quite easy to understand how the needs of those who experience (or want to experience) home automation have changed throughout this time.

Surely it has occurred to you that you might want to change some functions that were designed during your home automation installation but now no longer meet your needs. The problem is that quite often even the smallest system changes turn out to be more challenging and expensive than expected. This is because they necessarily require the intervention of a specialist, or many hours of study for do-it-yourself lovers.

Can't integrate IoT devices that are different from the manufacturer of your BUS?

IoT device technology has made huge steps in recent years, releasing hundreds of thousands of smart and connected devices on the market that can significantly simplify daily life. However, despite the continuous evolution, you may have realized that your BUS-based home automation cannot automatically interface with all smart devices. As a result, you have probably downloaded an endless number of mobile apps to be able to manage smart devices. Let's say we're pretty confident in asserting that it would be much easier to be able to manage everything from one app, or would it?

Do your friends think your home automation system is not that smart?

It is scientifically proved that disappointment is one of the worst feelings to experience. Exactly like when you've told everyone that you've created your dream home, with a BTicino MyHome or KNX home automation system, which makes you really so proud of its potential and the investment you've made... but then when it comes to showing it off, no one is surprised. So, it's time to make your home automation home a true smart home that can take full advantage of the potential of your standard home automation system. Easykon makes it possible!

Easykon: the solution to turn your home automation system into a real smart home

Designed to enable communication between home automation systems and smart platforms, Easykon is the first connected bridge that evolves all KNX or BTicino MyHome SCS home automation electrical systems in very few minutes. In fact, the range includes two models of Easykon: Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome. It goes without saying to understand that the first is used to evolve a KNX BUS-based home automation electrical system; while the other is designed to make BTicino MyHome SCS systems from 2000 to present totally smart.

With Easykon, you can integrate all your home accessories into all smart platforms on the market. In fact, Freedompro devices are compatible and certified with Apple Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Home Assistant. This way, you can finally control your home accessories through voice commands by talking to your favorite speaker. Or, you can use remote control through one of the mobile smart home control apps, such as Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa or the Freedompro app. In addition, with the help of motion or occupancy sensors, you can also create and set automations or scenarios based on your daily habits to automatically control - for example - the lights in your home through the smart system of your choice, wherever and whenever you want.

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