Automate your home lights with sensors and scenarios: find out Easykon

Automate your home lights with sensors and scenarios: find out Easykon

The smart home allows you to control many aspects of the home with voice command, remote control and by means of automations or scenarios, including your lights. Automating home lights, in fact, means that you can manage your home lighting system more easily and efficiently. 

How to automate lights: comfort and savings

As previously seen, smart home and home automation world is constantly growing. Of course, the reasons are not only comfort and well-being, but also many other advantages in terms of savings, especially when it comes to lights.

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Automating home lights with motion or presence sensors

Without a doubt, one of the most popular solutions for automating home lights is through the use of presence sensors or motion sensors. A motion sensor is a device that sends an electrical signal that turns one or more lights on or off when it detects movement within the covering area. In fact, through the use of motion sensors, you can decide to control a single light or an entire room, saving energy and making the use of the room more convenient.

To automate lighting with an occupancy or motion sensor, there are two options: directly install a sensorlight lamp with a built-in motion sensor or use a motion sensor for existing lights. Of course, in either case, the motion sensor can be programmed to turn the lights on when motion is detected and turn them off after a period of time chosen by you in which it detects no motion within its range. This way you do not run the risk of forgetting the lights on and avoid unnecessary waste of energy.

Your home, your habits: customized scenarios and automations

Both devices can also be set to switch the lights on according to certain times or environmental conditions that you can fully customize. Thus creating automations based on your schedule that perfectly reflect your daily habits. This way you can integrate and take advantage of the best features provided by smart home control platforms to create automations and scenarios that make your daily life easier. For example, thanks to geofencing you can create an automation that opens the garage door when you are coming home. Or activate the cinema scenario to fully enjoy a relaxing evening watching television.

Another option for automating light, however, is the use of a photocell. The device detects the amount of light in the room and turns lights on or off accordingly. So, for example, if there is enough natural light, the lights will be turned off automatically, so you can avoid wasting energy.

Automate your home lights with sensors and scenarios: Easykon

Easykon is the smart device that allows you to create automations and scenarios with all smart home control platforms and applications.

Designed to enable communication between home automation systems (KNX or BTicino MyHome) and smart platforms, Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome connected bridge are the Freedompro smart solution to evolve all KNX or BTicino MyHome SCS home automation electrical systems in very few minutes.

Easykon integrates all your home accessories into all smart platforms in the market: Apple Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Home Assistant. This way, you can finally create and set automations or scenarios based on motion or presence sensors to automatically control the lights in your home through your favorite smart system, wherever and whenever you want.

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