How to create a Habit

Automate your Habits with Freedompro

With the latest update of the Freedompro smart home control and management app, you can create incredible automation rules and scenarios to automate your daily routines.

No doubt, automations are one of the key elements that take the comfort and convenience of living in a smart home to the highest level. With Freedompro you can now recreate your daily routines and habits by setting up scenarios and automations that enhance your lifestyle.

Creating a habit with the Freedompro app is really very easy, you will just need to enter the Habits section of the app and follow the wizard. Add the conditions and triggers that should trigger the action and the action(s) that should happen when the conditions are met.

Should you need help, you can read the article on our Help Center or book a call with our support team.

Are you ready to automate your routines with Freedompro? Download the app!

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