Between energy and savings: top 3 features of Freedompro smart devices

Between energy and savings: top 3 features of Freedompro smart devices

Today, smart devices are an essential component of our daily lives. Freedompro, leader in the smart home industry, offers a range of cutting-edge smart devices that combine convenience, energy efficiency and ease of installation.

What are the best features of Freedompro smart home devices

Let's discover together the outstanding features of Freedompro modules.

Energy metering function: saving money and reducing waste

One of the main features of the Freedompro smart devices is the advanced energy measurement capability. Indeed, it is possible to monitor the energy consumption data of each of the four accessories connected to the module. This enables precise control and efficient management of electricity consumption throughout the home. In this way, users can make more informed decisions to optimize energy consumption, saving costs and reducing environmental impact.

Pre-configured inputs and outputs: how to speed up the installation process

Installing smart home devices can sometimes take a long time. Freedompro sets out to simplify this process by integrating pre-configured inputs and outputs. These smart devices are ready-to-use, eliminating the need for extensive programming or complicated configuration procedures.With pre-configured inputs and outputs, installation becomes much faster and more efficient, saving time and effort for both homeowners and professional installers. This ensures seamless integration of Freedompro devices into any smart home ecosystem, making the smart home accessible to all.

One more way to save money: take advantage of automatic shutdown

Another distinguishing feature of Freedompro's smart devices is their automatic shut-off function. This improves safety and energy efficiency by allowing connected accessories to be automatically turned off when not in use. With the ability to set customizable timers or triggers, users can define specific conditions that activate the shutdown function. Whether it is turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, turning off electronic devices during specific time intervals, or managing energy-intensive appliances. In this way, energy waste can be easily reduced and utility bills lowered.

As shown by the features just reviewed, Freedompro is committed to providing smart home solutions that prioritize energy efficiency, ease of installation, and convenience.

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