Home automation or smart home

Traditional electrical system, home automation or smart home: what's the difference

Although we talk about it more and more, do we really know the difference between a traditional electrical system, a home automation system, and a smart home?

Main differences between electrical system types

Let's take a step back: we can say that the huge and continuous growth of the smart home and home automation sector is now obvious to everyone, becoming increasingly popular and making intelligent homes a solid reality. But what are the differences between a traditional electrical system, a home automation system, and a smart home? Let's find out together in this short article.

Traditional electrical system: main features

Let's start from the "foundations”, that is, the traditional electrical system, which is the most common one. In a traditional electrical system, all electrical devices such as lighting, power outlets, and shutters (if electric, of course) inside the house are controlled manually. In fact, you can turn lights or other appliances on and off with a switch or a button. This type of electrical system is the "oldest" one, and it offers a lower comfort level than a more innovative system, such as home automation or smart systems.

Home automation: the comfort of KNX or BTicino MyHome home automation.

On the other hand, a home automation electrical system is a system that offers a much wider range of possibilities and functions that see the home user at the center of attention.

But what is home automation? It can be said that home automation is the technology that allows you to automate and control the electrical system.

Certainly the best-known home automation electrical systems are the KNX or MyHome SCS systems from BTicino. A KNX or MyHome SCS home automation electrical system allows you to control all electrical devices such as lighting, power outlets, heating, and many other electrical devices in a fully automated and centralized way. For example, thanks to this technology, the system can be programmed so that lights automatically turn on at sunset, or the air conditioner turns on when the temperature is above a specific threshold. Or, thanks to geofencing, the house gate opens when you are coming back home.

In short, it can be said that the home automation electrical system offers a wide range of features that allow you to live in total comfort in your home.

The smart home: voice control, remote control and automations

However, there is another type of system that can allow to evolve the standard KNX or MyHome SCS home automation to the next level: the smart home.

In a smart home, in fact, all electrical devices are interconnected and can be controlled by a single system or platform. Among the comforts and advantages offered by the smart home, undoubtedly, are the methods of controlling the connected home: voice control, remote control, and automation.

Freedompro devices for the premium smart home

Freedompro was born with the goal of making the smart home accessible to everyone. To do this, we have developed two product lines: one for home automation systems and one for traditional electrical systems.

Easykon: the solution to make KNX and MyHome SCS home automation smart

In the first case, we have two connected bridges - Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome - that can make a KNX or BTicino MyHome SCS home automation system really smart.

Easykon enables the integration of all home accessories into all smart platforms on the market. In fact, Freedompro devices are compatible and certified with Apple Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Home Assistant to offer and guarantee voice control, remote control and the creation of automations based on your personal habits.

Smart Modules: WiFi smart switches to make the traditional system smart

On the other hand, we have also thought of all those who live in a house with a traditional electrical system and have always dreamed of having a professional smart home. Freedompro's solution is the Smart Modules, a growing range of WiFi smart switches capable of transforming any traditional electrical system into a premium-level smart home. Designed to be installed in junction boxes, Freedompro smart devices offer voice and remote control of multiple accessories individually or simultaneously. Currently, the range includes three products: the Light Module, a smart switch for controlling lights; the Shutter Module, a smart switch for controlling electric shutters or blinds; and the Light & Shutter Module, the hybrid version of the previous two.

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Freedompro smart devices: what's new in the coming months

Over the next few months, however, we will greatly expand the range... not only introducing other WiFi smart switches for junction boxes (such as those for outlets or power sockets and generic dry contact switches), but also releasing in-wall box devices. In other words, it will be the smallest line of professional quality WiFi smart switches ever! They can be installed behind wall commands and disappear into the wall of your home...

Freedompro is a member of the Matter association

Of course, the whole line of products to make the traditional electrical system smart is also compatible and certified with all smart platforms on the market. But not only that, because Freedompro is finally also a member of the Matter association.

Matter is the standard protocol for smart home automation created by the Connectivity Standards Alliance. The Matter protocol aims to interconnect all smart home devices from different manufacturers, a value that Freedompro has been inspired by from day one. Highest integration, ease of configuration, and a smooth user interface ensure security, reliability, and an unmatched user experience.

With Freedompro, the smart home is accessible to everyone... live your experience!

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