Smart home: comfort and automation with the best IoT devices

Smart home: comfort and automation with the best IoT devices

Another tiring day at work is over and you can't wait to get home? What if I told you that you are just a little bit away from making your home the coziest and most comfortable place in the world?

How to make the smart home

In this short article I'm going to explain how to turn your home into a cutting-edge smart home with full comforts. You'll never go back, I promise.

Technological evolution is there for all to see. Surely you all have heard about home automation or smart home . It's growing faster and faster, especially in the recent period.

More and more families are winking at the smart home for many reasons. Certainly the comfort and convenience, but also and especially the security it offers.

Freedompro integrates the best IoT technologies

Freedompro provides a new vision of smart home that integrates and combines the best of all IoT technologies with all smart platforms for smart home control and management.

To do so, we designed and developed the first professional line of IoT devices that can make the electrical system of any traditional home (even the oldest ones) smart, to turn it into a real smart home.

Freedompro Smart Modules to control devices

Freedompro modules are smart devices that work on the WiFi network and operate on your system, making all existing appliances smart and connected at no extra cost.

Moreover, these devices are pre-configured and designed to be mounted straight into junction boxes in less than 10 minutes. In short, no additional cost and no invasive intervention to the electrical system.

Once installed and paired with the Freedompro app (your new favorite app) or any other smart home management app, you can control all the appliances connected to your Modules, anywhere and everywhere.

Automations and scenarios for ultimate comfort

Enjoy easily creating complex scenarios, create and set automation rules based on your daily routines with the Habits section of the Freedompro app

How to do it? It's super easy.

Take advantage of geolocation to create automation rules based on your location. Just use the Dry Contact Module to open your home gate when you're arriving so you don't even have to get out of the car to open it. Outlet Module lets you turn on the outlet connected to the coffee maker or fan to find everything ready as soon as you enter the house.

Likewise, you can use Light and Shutter Modules to turn your house lights on or off when you enter or leave the house, and the same goes for motorized shutters or blinds.

And there's more! Do you want to make your home a warm and cozy place that protects you from the cold of winter? Or again, would you like a refreshing climate that allows you to breathe during the hottest periods?

If you have a connected thermostat it will be a breeze, find out how to create automation with the Freedompro app.

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