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Smart security: how to protect your smart home from external threats

With the advent of smart technologies, our homes have progressively transformed into increasingly "intelligent" spaces, meaning connected and automated. A smart home is a domestic environment where devices and systems communicate with the network to maximize efficiency and ensure greater comfort for the inhabitants.

In addition to increasing the comfort level and making many daily operations more efficient and accessible – controlling lights and thermostats, turning appliances on and off, opening and closing shutters and doors, and much more – the smart home also offers the undeniable advantage of contributing to the energy savings of the property. Intelligent energy management optimizes the use of numerous systems and devices.

In such an advanced scenario, which synergistically combines integration, modularity, convenience, customization, accessibility, and ease of use, what role does security play?

Smart home and security: a crucial combination

Ensuring the highest level of protection against external threats is essential in any domestic context, including the smart home.

In modern smart homes, the term "security" broadly refers to the set of measures and precautions adopted to protect the environment from potential threats, risks, or intrusions. This is a multidimensional concept that can be addressed from different perspectives: protecting privacy by ensuring that data collected by smart devices is managed securely; safeguarding against unauthorized access to smart systems; enhancing cybersecurity to protect smart devices from cyber attacks; and managing permissions for various smart home users – just to name a few!

Overall, security in smart homes aims to create a safer and more reliable environment, ensuring that adopting intelligent technologies does not pose additional risks to the residents' safety and privacy. Awareness of the chosen solutions' potential, implementing good practices, and using reliable devices are all crucial steps to create a secure and functional smart home.

For the home's residents, the primary concept of security remains the reduction of burglary and break-in risks. Thus, in addition to protecting smart systems from dangerous physical tampering (such as unauthorized deactivation), it's essential for smart home residents to know the correct strategies to deter intruders.

Smart home security with Freedompro solutions

Freedompro offers an ecosystem of solutions designed to create a smart home that is more comfortable and accessible for all its inhabitants. This complete range does not require masonry work or component replacement and can be easily integrated into any electrical system, new or existing, regardless of its age.

There are two available collections: the Smart Modules, Wi-Fi connected smart relays, fully compatible with all types of accessories and capable of controlling any traditional electrical system; and Easykon, a range of smart bridge devices that overcome the limits of standard home automation and enhance all KNX and BTicino MyHome home automation systems.

How do Freedompro solutions enhance the anti-intrusion security of your smart home? By allowing you to define custom habits that reduce the risk of break-ins through specific automations that notify you of suspicious events. For instance, if a sensor detects suspicious activity in what should be an empty room, it can send an alert notification to the homeowner and flash the house lights to deter potential intrusions.

With solutions like Easykon and the Smart Modules, you can enjoy all the advantages of a connected environment without compromising your peace of mind and security.

Discover all the available solutions by exploring our site and transform your home into a smart, more sustainable and safer environment!

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