What is a junction box and how does it work

Junction box: what it is and how it works

Electrical junction boxes, also known as outlet boxes, are a key part of any electrical system. Let's find out together what they are more in detail.

Junction boxes: what they are

The junction box is nothing more than a container, usually made of plastic (a box, in fact), which carries out the function of delivering power from the main electrical panel to all the sockets, switches and lights in the electrical system.

Thus, we can say that junction boxes are a crucial part of an electrical system. Placed in strategic points of the house, they allow cables to branch off in any direction, so that they can reach all corners of the apartment.

The enclosure electrical box protects the connections, which usually contain vulnerable points such as wire splices, from environmental conditions and accidental contact.

Can't find your junction boxes?

Do you have trouble finding the junction boxes in your house? Don't worry, take it easy. First of all, you can start searching at the bottom of the walls of your house, about ten inches above the baseboard. You definitely won't see a box; rather, you'll see a plaster-colored cover slightly raised from the wall.

Junction boxes: how do they work

As mentioned earlier, the power starting from the meter and arriving at the main electrical panel is distributed to the junction boxes installed in the home through copper wires that pass through pipes, called corrugated or conduit.

Once it reaches the junction box, the electric power is then distributed to all the outlets and switches in the system, until it reaches the sockets, switches, relays, buttons, pushbuttons, sensors and lights.

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