New Freedompro Smart Modules: turn your home into a smart home!

New Freedompro Smart Modules: turn your home into a smart home!

We recently talked about the Matter protocol, the standard that aims to revolutionize the world of smart home and home automation through the development of a single unified ecosystem to ensure interoperability among all devices, with visible benefits in terms of security, usability and intuitiveness of use. Undoubtedly, this is an ambitious goal that frames the future of smart homes from a new and evolved point of view: homes are no longer "spaces" where brands fight for exclusivity, but rather harmoniously shared environments where different actors coexist to speed up the progress of the Internet of Things.

In a nutshell, devices that speak "the language of Matter" are able to communicate with each other even if they are produced by different companies. It's a real benefit for smart home and home automation owners, and it's something that will drive more and more manufacturers to make part of their catalog compatible over time.

As we explained in our related article, Matter certification is the result a long, careful and highly detailed process. In fact, at the moment, there are very few companies that have succeeded in obtaining it (according to NetGuru, they would be even less than three hundred in the world!).

Among these, there is also Freedompro, pioneers in Italy of a virtuous trend destined to spread more and more widely throughout the world. In fact, our Smart Modules have recently been awarded this prestigious certification.

Freedompro Smart Modules awarded Matter certification

Freedompro Smart Modules offer the ability to make any type of home smart quickly and easily, with no need to replace or significantly change the existing electrical system: no masonry work, no additional costs, no stress!

Our Wi-Fi-connected smart relays are compatible with lots of accessories, including voice assistants such as Siri, Google and Alexa. They intuitively and effectively control the traditional electrical system, providing timely monitoring of energy consumption and complete smart home management from the Freedompro Home app, remotely, anytime, and even when the connected devices are of different brands. A few examples? Apple Home or Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, SmartThings.

What's more, thanks to the Matter certification obtained by Smart Modules, there is no longer any integration limit. This certification promotes compatibility between smart home devices and simplifies communication between smart objects from different manufacturers.

The new product line consists of four types of smart devices with new aesthetics and different variants (by governable device and voltage) that enable smart home lighting, blinds and/or shutters, power outlets, and dry contact devices (such as the gate, garden sprinkler, and others).

To make our Smart Modules even more flexible and compatible, we have also developed three versions for each type of device. This way, you can choose according to the installation you prefer or need:

  • MINI version: flush-mounted devices that can be installed directly behind wall outlets.
  • DIN Version: devices with special DIN rail attachment, which can be installed in junction boxes.
  • DIN High Version: devices with special DIN rail attachment, which can be installed in the switchboard.

Not just Matter: all the advantages of Freedompro Smart Modules

There are so many advantages of choosing Smart Modules to make your home smart:

  • Convenience: because the electrical system does not change! Therefore, there will be no need to rewire or recertify it. Moreover, by installing Smart Modules the switches and buttons in the house will remain fully functional.
  • Affordability: with Freedompro Smart Modules, it's possible to turn any home into a smart home without heavy costs. In fact, with the same number of manageable objects, the cost per accessory is lower than that of other products available on the market, while the standard of quality, safety and reliability is significantly higher.
  • So many connected objects, one app: Smart Modules improve daily life not only in terms of comfort, safety, and savings, but also in terms of convenience because they allow control of all connected objects through a single application: the Freedompro Home app.
  • Made in Italy: Smart Modules are designed and developed entirely in Italy. They are also made with high-quality materials to guarantee you greater safety, reliability and durability than any other device on the market. Your home deserves only the best.
  • Advanced technical components: all Smart Modules are equipped with:
    • Silver foil relays: unlike other devices made with iron foil relays. They are therefore more robust, durable and reliable.
    • Quick-wire connectors: which simplify and speed up installation operations because they are designed to facilitate wiring with and without lugs.
    • Overload and overheating protection system: the Smart Modules have a temperature-sensing sensor that automatically restarts the device when a given threshold is exceeded to prevent damage.
  • Habits and device monitoring: the Freedompro Home app allows you to create convenient custom automations for each user: the Habits, in fact. In addition, you can use it to monitor any parameter related to connected devices, such as energy consumption, switching on and off, logs, temperature, and more. We like to imagine our app as a kind of home autopilot: a powerful, intuitive and truly smart solution that really enhances daily life.
  • Matter certification: last on the list, but certainly not least! Freedompro Smart Modules fully comply with the new universal standard for smart devices, ensuring full integration between devices of different brands.

The innovation and quality, intuitiveness of use and usability that have always distinguished Freedompro solutions are now enhanced by the unifying standard for smart home connectivity. This is how Freedompro is preparing for the future of the smart home.

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