Best IoT devices

Best IoT devices for the smart home

Thanks to the growth of the smart home industry, the best IoT devices are now a key element in modern, cutting-edge connected homes. But what are the best IoT devices to make the smartest smart home ever? Let's find out together!

IoT: what is Internet of Things?

Before we look at the best IoT devices for the smart home, it is good to take a brief look at the world of the Internet of Things.

We can say that the Internet of Things gathers at its core a system of tech devices that collect and transfer a variety of data over a wireless network. Thanks to the Internet of Things world, even "ordinary" objects can become smart devices capable of sensing data and states through sensors and microprocessors—with no need for human intervention.

Internet of Things: how an IoT system works

An IoT system is made up of devices and/or sensors that communicate with each other either through the cloud, or through a local connection—which can be wireless or wired. Summing up, an IoT system includes four elements:

  • the devices and/or sensors, which collect data with the goal of converting them;

  • the connection, which allows the transport of the collected data and can be of several types: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, LPWAN and satellite;

  • the data processing, which is precisely the analysis of the data collected by the devices and transported by the connection, with the aim of performing an action automatically;

  • the user interface, which is the last point in the process, as well as the only one where user intervention becomes necessary. The user interface consists of the panel that allows the user to control the system.

Internet of Things: benefits and advantages provided by the IoT world

Definitely, the continuous evolution of the Internet of Things means that the world's best IoT devices offer multiple advantages and benefits to smart home users.

One of the greatest benefits is definitely the automation of daily processes, which as a result reduces costs. In other words, automating activities improves quality and optimizes human intervention. In doing so, the automation process improves efficiency and helps humans to cut down on waste and energy costs.

Another aspect to analyze is accessibility, which has been improved and raised to a top-notch level, so that data and information can be accessed whenever and wherever you are. And we’re talking about the smart switches to control home devices such as lights and shutters locally or remotely.

Internet of Things: a compatibility problem?

The only bad note that analysts claim about the IoT world concerns compatibility. They claim that devices from different manufacturers may have difficulty communicating with each other.

How Freedompro solves the IoT world's compatibility problems

However, Freedompro has been working hard in this direction to clear up the doubts and solve the only sore point about the Internet of Things.

Best IoT devices: the Freedompro solution

Now that technology is running at breakneck speed and innovation makes the connected home market more and more popular, Freedompro pursues the goal of making the smart home accessible to everyone. For this reason, in fact, the issue of compatibility has always been central to the design, development and communication processes of all Freedompro smart devices.

For this reason, we have developed two product lines, both for traditional electrical systems and KNX or MyHome home automation systems, that aim to enable the user to have an unmatched smart home experience.

Best IoT devices to make home automation system smart

Designed to integrate smart control with home automation systems, Easykon is the best IoT bridge-type device that enables communication between home automation systems and smart platforms. The device is available in two variants Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome, which make KNX home automation and BTicino MyHome SCS home automation smart, respectively.

As mentioned above, one of the main features of Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome is precisely its broad compatibility. In fact, in order to offer its users greater versatility and flexibility, Easykon is compatible and certified with the main smart platforms on the market: Apple Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Home Assistant.

In short, not only is Easykon the best IoT device to make standard KNX and BTicino MyHome SCS home automation systems smart, offering voice control, remote control, and automations to manage your home. Above all, Easykon is able to communicate and work in full interoperability with all existing IoT devices (or not) in the home.

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Smart switches for lights and shutters: best IoT devices for traditional electrical system

Compatibility and certifications are also the main feature of the Freedompro solution to make even the oldest traditional electrical system a smart home.

In fact, by installing the Light Module and Shutter Module you will be able to control all your home accessories through voice commands from your favorite speaker, or use remote control through one of the mobile smart home control apps: such as Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa or the Freedompro app. In addition, with the help of motion or presence sensors, you can use IFTTT, Home Assistant or any other smart platform to create and set automations or scenarios based on your daily habits.

This way, you can finally automatically control the lights in your home through your favorite smart system wherever and whenever you want.

In summary, we can say that Freedompro smooths out all doubts related to Internet of Things compatibility issues by offering the best IoT devices to make the smart home.

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