Freedompro app: pairing smart devices

Pairing smart devices with the Freedompro app

Looking to enhance your smart home experience ? Freedompro has developed a super easy pairing mode to better integrate our smart devices into our mobile app.

Freedompro app: easy integrate Freedompro smart devices

With a step-by-step wizard, pairing Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome with the Freedompro smart home control app is really a breeze. In a minute you'll be ready to integrate and setup your accessories into the app for a total home control experience . Same way, you can easily pair Wi-Fi smart switches for voice and remote control of lights and shutters to control, manage and customize all your accessories in just a few seconds.

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Once you've paired your smart devices with the mobile app, you take full advantage of all the features , advantages and benefits made available by Freedompro.

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Freedompro smart devices: voice commands, remote control and automations

Control all your home accessories wherever and whenever you want thanks to remote or local control directly on the Freedompro app. Also manage everything with voice control by talking to your favorite speakers or voice assistants , i.e. Alexa , Google Assistant , or Siri directly from your Apple device , such as a HomePod, your iPhone or iPad, and the Apple Watch.

In addition, create and set customized automations and scenarios based on your daily habits by integrating Freedompro smart switches or bridges with all third-party IoT devices.

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Find out power consumption monitoring with the Freedompro app

Finally, you can monitor the power consumption of your home accessories connected to Freedompro modules to get a clear, continuous, real-time overview of your energy usage data .

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