Freedompro smart WiFi relays work with Alexa

Freedompro smart WiFi switches work with Alexa

Unquestionably, Alexa is the world's best-known smart home voice assistant. With Alexa, Amazon-branded artificial intelligence, you can control your home easily and intuitively through both voice commands and remote control by means of smart home management apps.

Freedompro works with Amazon Alexa: how to make your home smart

Alexa aims to make daily home life easier for users. In fact, Alexa can be used to provide information, play media content, and, most importantly, control other devices and services, including smart home devices.

Alexa works through cloud-to-cloud connection, thus allowing local and remote management of devices connected to it without additional configuration or cost. Thus, whenever a device is added on the Alexa app, it can automatically be controlled anytime and anywhere through the remote control app or voice commands.

As anticipated, Amazon Alexa has a huge number of compatible tech devices. Among the IoT devices certified with Alexa are mainly the Freedompro smart relays, which are the first WiFi-connected professional smart switches that can transform any traditional electrical system into a real, fully automated smart home.

Freedompro smart switches: how to automate your home

Freedompro smart switches are the best solution for making any traditional electrical system smart in just a few moments. Freedompro Smart Modules are very quick to install and don't involve changes to the electrical system, they are very easy to connect and already pre-configured. So once you install them, you won't need to program them but they will automatically recognize the accessory connected.

These smart modules allow you to turn any electrical device on or off from anywhere and at any time. Compatible and certified by all leading smart platforms, as anticipated, Freedompro smart switches boast Amazon Alexa certification. Therefore, you can use voice control with any speaker to turn on or off your light or any other electrical device. Moreover, thanks to the Alexa app, you can also control the devices remotely wherever you are.

Freedompro Light: smart switch for lights

The Freedompro Light Module smart relay is a professional WiFi-connected switch with 4 channels, each of which can support up to 5 A of current. This means that you can power and make smart up to 4 different lights with one module, making this device extremely convenient for multiple lighting installations. Each of these channels offers a power consumption monitoring function, so you will then be able to monitor the instantaneous energy usage of each accessory connected to the module.

Designed to be plug & forget, the Light module is a DIN rail-mounted smart switch that can be installed in a junction box or electrical panel.

Freedompro Shutter: smart switch for electrical shutters

Likewise, the Freedompro Shutter Module is also a smart WiFi connected switch actuator that can make any type of electric awning or shutter smart. Although it has 4 channels like the module above, unlike the Freedompro Light, the Shutter Module can support up to 2 awning or rolling shutter type accessories at the same time. This is because each accessory connected to the device will use two channels to operate: the first for up and the second for down.

The Freedompro Shutter smart relay also has a power consumption monitoring function, giving the user the ability to track the usage of each accessory associated with it. Another interesting function featured by the Shutter module is the one related to the automatic calibration system. Thanks to it, in fact, you will be able to decide the exact percentage of opening or closing of your blinds or shutters, the module knows by itself how to complete the action with extreme precision. 

Like the Light module seen above, the Shutter module is also an intelligent DIN rail device that can be quickly installed in junction boxes or the electrical panel.

Not just smart WiFi switches: the Freedompro solution for home automation

So we said that the Light and Shutter smart switches make any traditional home system totally smart with remote control, voice commands, automations, and power consumption monitoring

But Freedompro smart home solution does not end there.

Among the Alexa-certified Freedompro devices are also Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome .
These two devices are professional smart bridges with RJ45 Ethernet connection that can make any KNX or MyHome SCS home automation system smart. In fact, both of them aim to enhance users control on their KNX or SCS BUS home automation system with remote control, voice commands and automations with all smart platforms.

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Freedompro works with Alexa: shop on Amazon

The partnership between Freedompro smart home devices and Alexa also continues on Amazon. In fact, by searching for "Freedompro" on Amazon, you will be able to find and install the Freedompro skill and thus enable communication between the Freedompro cloud and Alexa's entire smart platform.

But it doesn't end there!

In fact, with the new year, Freedompro Light and Shutter smart relays have landed in warehouses and are already on sale on Amazon, ready to make your traditional electrical system completely smart. Plus, thanks to the Amazon Prime shipping, you can have your Freedompro smart switches in your hands in a couple of days.

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