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Easykon for KNX

It’s not about technology, it’s not about having downloaded the last update. The most important values for us are our products quality and the user experience of our customers.

We work hard every day to offer smart home professionals the possibility to focus more on their customers needs to apply and propose the best available tech solutions making every smart system simpler, safer and more comfortable.


We are lead by one thought: to free smart home professionals from everything that brings them far from satisfy their customers.

Customers in focus

We create solutions for our customers, we think about how they will use them and we listen carefully to their feedbacks.


It is not possible to innovate staying in your comfort zone, we are open to change, to surprises and to the unexpected.


To be really smart a product doesn’t just need innovative functions, it also needs to be simple to use.


We have a great expertise in the smart home business and we want to put it to use of our customers.


Coffee is our partner and main support in so many adventures and projects (we measure it from one litre per day up).

Easykon for KNX

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Smart Building Expo 2019:
what an experience! 🙂

During SBE 2019 we presented Easykon for KNX to smart home professionals from all around the World.

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