Your home as you've never seen it

Transform your home and make it smart

Home sweet home, but smart

The smart home of your dreams finally comes true

By now, everyday objects have become "smart". Have you ever wondered how to make smart even devices that are not? Raise the shutters with a voice command, turn off all the lights in the house with a single button, create an automation that makes the house do exactly what you want it to do... now all this is possible! Freedompro presents Smart Pro Line, the first family of professional smart modules to make traditional (and old) electrical systems even better than home automation at the lowest price on the market.

La maison intelligente en 3, 2, 1...

Installation sans contraintes

Modules are DIN rail devices which can be installed in power or junction boxes. They don’t require masonry work and are fully compatible with already existing switches.

Prêt à l'emploi

Connectez les câbles à des terminaux préconfigurés et les appareils domestiques deviennent soudainement intelligents ! Les appareils continuent de fonctionner physiquement même sans connexion internet.

Branchez et oubliez

Once installed, Smart Pro Line modules disappear from sight, but turn home life around, without being noticed. Forget their existence and be ready to transform your home!


Smart Pro Line modules offer up to 4 channels to make smart 4 different devices at the same time. More opportunities and more quality at the best price on the market.

Aucun hub requis

Modules connect to WiFi network with no need for additional hubs to communicate to your home devices. Manage your appliances through manual, voice or app control.

Contrôle de la consommation

Le module fournit un système de mesure de la puissance grâce auquel il est possible de gérer et de contrôler la consommation de l'appareil connecté à chaque canal.

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Smart Pro Line
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You choose how to take control of your smart home

Voice commands, app control and amazing automations

Freedompro smart relays have been certified by the leading smart platforms on the market: Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Home Assistant. With Freedompro Smart Pro Line it will be possible to connect, control and automate your home thanks to smart platforms apps. With the Smart Pro Line modules you can manage your home appliances through the same app where you control your IoT devices! Set up powerful automation to fully automate your smart home, control your home just by talking to your smart speaker or even remotely by the apps on your smartphone! So what are you waiting for? Start having fun with your home!

Smart app to manage even old houses

Control your smart home through your favorite app

Application Freedompro

Grâce à notre application gratuite, disponible pour iOS et Android, vous pouvez configurer et contrôler vos appareils Light en quelques étapes simples.

Manage your smart home with voice control

Controlling your traditional home by talking to your smart speaker is no longer just a dream. Freedompro modules allow you to evolve your traditional home (old or new) and make things easier for you. Install the modules of the smart line to finally have voice control and manage everything according to your needs!

Control your smart home with bare hands

Your smart home finally within voice reach

Talk to your smart home through the speakers

Set up wonderful automations

Setting up automations is the best way to simplify your day. In just a few moments, you can set up ad hoc scenarios according to your needs that can provide real help in your everyday life.

Everybody out

Don't waste time when you're in a hurry: set a scene whereby selected lights and devices turn off and shutters go down when the last person leaves the house.

Don't lose focus

You've been working for hours and all of a sudden you realize you can't see anymore. The sun has set and the lights are off: set up an automation that turns them on at sunset time without you having to get up from your workstation.

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