Freedompro Shutter: how to control shutters with Alexa

How to control shutters with Alexa: voice command and remote control

As we have seen, Alexa is the most popular smart system in the world, so today let's find out how to control shutters with Alexa and how can it help us?

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Control electric shutters with Alexa: comfort, consumption and savings

Controlling roller shutters with Alexa is not only really extremely easy, but it can carry a lot of benefits in your daily home life.

Beyond the comfort of not having to get off the couch or out of bed to go and close the blinds late at night while you are already in dreamland, being able to control blinds and electric shutters with voice or apps is much more useful than you think.

Just think about the opportunity to monitor the energy consumption of electric shutters, which can help you not only have more control over your home, but also greatly save on your electricity bills and reduce your environmental impact.

Control your shutters with Alexa: Freedompro Shutter smart switch

Obviously, in order to control roller shutters with Alexa, you need to have a compatible device, such as a smartphone with the Freedompro app (or the Alexa app). Also, no doubt, you need to have or purchase a shutter control device that is compatible with Alexa, such as a smart switch or relay.

The first step to having your shutters at the voice or click of a button is the Freedompro Shutter module, a WiFi-connected smart switch that can make up to two blind or electric shutter type accessories smart at the same time.

The Shutter module also has a built-in power consumption control function for each connected accessory. This way, you can keep an eye on the consumption of your shutters and take advantage of the incredible benefits of monitoring your home's electricity consumption--such as saving money!

Freedompro Shutter: voice command, remote control and consumption monitoring

Once you have completed the installation and setup of the Freedompro Shutter module, you will immediately be able to control your motor blinds or shutters through the Freedompro app or the Alexa app for remote control of your smart home. Of course, you will also be able to manage your shutters using Alexa voice commands, saying, for example, "Alexa, lower the shutters" or "Alexa, raise the shutters."

In addition, thanks to the automatic calibration function provided by the smart Shutter module, you will always be able to set the exact opening or closing percentage of your blinds or shutters.

To check the power consumption of your connected roller shutters, simply go to the Usage section of the Freedompro app. Here you can keep track of all the accessories connected to your Freedompro modules and compare their usage at different times.

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